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Special Hanukkah Classes with Dr. Beni Gesundheit: The Menorah of the Rambam and the Menorah of Zecharia

Teshuvah in Tanakh

Teshuvah in Tanakh

Rabbi Dr. Beni Gesundheit’s Yamim Noraim series focuses on the topic of Teshuvah, the common thread within the three Haftarot and the Torah reading of Parashat Teshuvah (Devarim 30), which are read during this time period. The basic concepts and messages of Teshuvah in these four central Biblical sources by Yonah, Moshe, Yirmeyahu and Hoshea, respectively, …

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חגי תשרי

Tishrei Holidays

Course: Musings on the Machzor In this series, we explore various topics surrounding tefillah on Rosh HaShana. Dr. Beni Gesundheit explores the messages, sources, and models of the prayers we say on Rosh HaShana. See links below. To receive updates about new classes from Dr. Beni Gesundheit, please submit your email address below  

הגדת דור ודור

Haggadat Dor VDor Video Lecture Series

Haggadat Dor V’Dor Video Lecture Series The Seder is held entirely around the Passover Haggadah, which consists of sources from different periods expanding through generations of Jewish life. To understand these different strata, one must look at the internal structure of the Haggadah with attention to the different sources for their periods. In the video …

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