Mussaf of Rosh Hashana :Zichronot, Malchuyot, Shofarot – Source, Structure and Messages

The foundation of the Rosh Hashana Musaf prayer is 30 verses of Tanach. The verses are divided into three sets of ten verses each, correlating to Kingship, Remembrances and Shofarot. Analysis of their key words within the first and last three blessings of the Musaf which serve as their frame, provides additional important universal and particularistic messages to us on this important holiday.

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Class Source Sheets

Tefilat Mussaf handout as PowerPoint

Tefilat Mussaf handout as PDF

Rosh Hashana Special Document to Print 

Mussaf for Rosh Hashanah includes the 3 blessings of Malchuyot, Zichronot and Shofarot, which are a masterpiece of Jewish liturgy. To understand the structure of Mussaf for Rosh Hashana, which are presented and discussed in this lecture., we strongly recommend printing this source sheet out for the shiur and Rosh Hashanah as A3 or alternatively as 2 (or even 4) sheets of A4 (or letter size) and to stick them together.

Rosh Hashana Mussaf Prayer - A Companion to Your Machzor in PDF Format


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