Haggadat Dor VDor Video Lecture Series

Haggadat Dor V'Dor Video Lecture Series

The Seder is held entirely around the Passover Haggadah, which consists of sources from different periods expanding through generations of Jewish life. To understand these different strata, one must look at the internal structure of the Haggadah with attention to the different sources for their periods.

In the video lectures below we will look at the Haggadah itself with the help of “Haggadah Dor V’Dor” with reference to its layers: Torah, Mishnah and Talmud as well as sources from later periods. The aim of these lectures is to build a uniform view of the Haggadah with a thorough understanding of its various components.

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הגדת דור ודור

The Haggadah accompanies the video lectures. Please note that the Haggadah is only in Hebrew with QR codes to the Hebrew online Haggadah course. Click here to download the Haggadah

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